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Our curriculum

Courses to level-up

We've created a set of courses that get kids building real solutions while learning the fundamentals.

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Schedule-free       •   No expiry       •   Online access       •   Live sessions       •   Free practice       •   Flexible timing       •           

Get your child ahead in the modern world!

Why should your child take this learning path?
  • The "Web Developer" learning path provides an excellent introduction to the world of web development.
  • By the end of the path, students will be able to deploy their own websites using GitHub Pages and AWS.
  • They will also gain valuable experience working with serverless computing technologies such as AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
  • It is for kids who want to get started in web development and learn front-end, back-end development, and website deployment.
  • Kids will develop problem-solving abilities which are essential in today's rapidly changing world.
Who should take this learning path?
  • Parents with kids who are interested in web development and want to learn more about the subject matter.
  • Parents with kids who have some experience with HTML and CSS and want to learn more advanced concepts.
  • Parents with kids who are interested in front-end development using React.
  • Parents with kids who are interested in back-end development using Node.js and Express.js frameworks.
  • Parents with kids who are interested in serverless computing and deploying websites using Jekyll, GitHub Pages, Amazon Web Services (AWS), etc.
What will your child learn during this learning path?
  • Learn how to create production quality layouts using HTML and CSS.
  • Understand React's most essential concepts.
  • Know how to build powerful applications using Node frameworks such as Express.js.
  • Learn how to save costs in the development of new applications using serverless computing.
  • Purchase a custom domain name and assign it to your personal website.
What will your child be able to do at the end of learning path?
  • Build off their beginner HTML and CSS knowledge to create production-quality layouts.
  • Be proficient in React, understanding JSX, and how to store information.
  • Understand the back-end of web development and be able to use Node.js frameworks like Express.js.
  • Launch fast serverless applications using various tools like Jekyll and AWS.
  • Deploy websites using GitHub Pages and purchase custom domain names on Amazon Web Services.

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Is my child too young or too old?
Our interactive online learning platform is suitable for children ages 5-18 where the learning is adaptive and personalized to each student's needs. It is never too young nor too old for them to start learning coding!
My child has done coding before. Are these classes necessary?
Great! Then it will be a good jumpstart for them to explore a deeper understanding of coding. All the students will have a personalised learning based to their own level and pacing.
My child has difficulty speaking in English. Can he or she still join the trial class?
No worries at all! While our language of communication is in English, we have multinational and local trainers to help the kids to communicate better and understand the tasks.
Are learning materials provided?
Yes! We provide all the learning material.
How much is the course?
We have several packages you can choose from based on the kind of activity you are looking for, and your child's assessment. We will discuss it with you during the trial class. Pricing is between RM31 to RM71 per hour, depending on the package you choose.
How long should my child spend in front of a computer screen? Is that safe?
We recommend no longer than 40 minutes of continuous screen time without a break. This claim is backed by many credible sources and recognized experts on child development and health. Contact us to find out more.
How good are your trainers?
Fantastic. But don't take our word for it. Seeing is believing. So come over here for our Trial Class and see for yourself.
I have three kids, can I get some kind of financial support?
Yes, we have special offers for parents who want to register more than one kid at KidoCode. Come to our Trial Class to find out more.
What is meant by a personalized and adaptive education system?
Personalized education system provides a unique learning path and curriculum for each and every student that is based on their interests and goals. An adaptive learning system provides the ability to learn about the student, adjust the difficulty, and modulate various parameters as the students progress through the curriculum. Both of these features are an important parts of the new age of education which allows people to have a diverse education based on their own interests and capabilities.
Will my child get any certification upon completion of your course?
Yes. We provide certification to all students that complete our courses.
I know coding is important, but I think my kid won't be interested.
As much as we'd love to think coding is an extracurricular activity, it really isn't. Computational thinking skills are becoming a basic requirement in every major education system around the world. Your child needs to learn coding to have any kind of impact in the digital economy that is still outpacing the industrial economy by far and large. Try learning with KidoCode, and trust that we will do our level best to find a way to make it interesting for each and every child.