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Meet Unclecode

The Visionary Behind Our Cutting-Edge
AI Learning System

"In the information age, teaching has become outdated; true education is now about student engagement."

Unclecode, founder & CEO at Kidocode, is an active force in revolutionising education technology. His unique expertise in artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and software engineering drives his commitment to transforming learning methods. He has utilised AI to develop a dynamic, adaptive learning platform. This platform, constantly evolving with student feedback, personalises and enhances the student learning experience, making it more engaging and effective.

Crafting Visionary Leaders with the VISION Framework

The "VISION" framework is designed to cultivate a comprehensive skill set in young entrepreneurs, blending traditional business acumen with the creativity and adaptability required in the modern digital economy.


ocusing on the foundational principles of starting and managing new business ventures. This module equips students with the skills to conceptualize, develop, and communicate business ideas, covering the entire lifecycle of a startup.


eaching the power of digital channels to influence consumer behavior and drive business success. Students learn about content marketing, social media strategies, and the analytics used to track the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.


Offering a deep dive into financial literacy, covering everything from basic accounting principles to the complexities of budgeting and fundraising. This course prepares students to manage finances effectively, ensuring the solvency of their business ventures.


Enhancing communication skills, focusing on public speaking as a critical tool for entrepreneurs. This course covers storytelling, persuasive speech, and non-verbal communication, vital for pitching ideas and engaging stakeholders.


Empowering students to create unique, engaging content across various digital platforms. This course encourages creativity, leveraging modern tools and AI to enhance and diversify content creation processes.


Preparing students for the freelance market, teaching them how to brand themselves, secure gigs, and manage client relationships. This course provides a roadmap to navigate the freelancing landscape successfully.

Innovative Curriculum

Ten Curriculum Design Principles

Kidocode shapes its AI education curriculum to engage and enlighten the 5-18 year age group. We emphasize essential skills and deep AI understanding, blending insights from leading philosophers, educators, and scientists. This approach ensures your child's learning experience is both comprehensive and tailored to their developmental needs.

Making versus  Using
Inspired by Seymour Papert, we encourage 'learning by making', enabling students to create with AI, not just use it.
Balanced Complexity
Aligning with Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development, our courses are approachable yet challenging, fostering personal growth.
Project-Based Learning
Following John Dewey's experiential learning philosophy, students engage in practical projects.
Echoing Steve Jobs' vision, we focus on practical skills that enhance human capabilities and are applicable in everyday life.
Personalized  Learning
Influenced by Howard Gardner's multiple intelligences theory, our AI tutors adapt to individual learning styles for a personalized experience.
Creativity and Imagination
Inspired by Maria Montessori, our storytelling and creative courses foster imagination in students.
Utilizing Jane McGonigal's theories, we make learning engaging and fun through gamification.
Collaborative Learning
Reflecting Lev Vygotsky's views on social learning, our curriculum emphasizes collaboration among students.
Adhering to Carl Rogers' person-centered education approach, we focus on human values and emotions in AI development.
Art Integration
Following Albert Einstein's belief in imagination's role in science, we integrate art to foster creativity in technical subjects.

From the community

Wong Lai Yee

The educational environment at Kidocode provided here is conducive that help our child learn coding/programming. He loves coming here to learn as the facilitators are good in facilitating and teaching them. Children who have interests in programming should enrol at this centre to pick up the skill.

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Mona Wong

Our child started during MCO (online class) and now enjoying attending physical class. Good place to learn coding with exposure to Phyton, Web Development, Electronics et cetera. The students can continue the revision online which is accessible 24 hours. Only the online learning module is available from 10am to 6pm. We highly recommend Kidocode!

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Haniff Hamdan

Our child had joined for around 4-5 months, so far he is liking it and I can see that he is learning new things and understanding coding from fun, different perspective. As long as he is exploring new things, I am happy. Helpful trainers to guide as well but I really suggest to have the courses at Kidocode done physically rather than virtually. Learning atmosphere in the HQ is good. If I'm being picky, the PC peripherals could use an upgrade and the waiting area for parents could have been improved. But overall, happy to have our child signed up for this program.

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Sendil Kumar

Our child joined since the pandemic began, and they are too friendly and convenient in arranging courses at Kidocode, and at the same time we can decide on what we like to learn. Thank you kiddo code

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Shagufta Khanam

Our child started this course when we were in Malaysia, Later, we moved to different country but he is still continuing to attend the course. Initially we were a bit worried if he can continue remotely, but the online support we received even before pandemic period was outstanding. Now, after this hard time, online support has improved substantially and getting better day by day. Kidocode team is very professional and always eager to help. Our child is also attending astronomy courses at Kidocode conducted by them and really enjoying it a lot. We are absolutely happy to enrol our child with Kidocode .

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TC Tamil Chelvi

The facilitators are friendly and helpful. The students feel free to approach them without any hesitation. Conducive environment for students to learn and understand more effectively We highly recommend Kidocode!

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The educational environment at Kidocode provided here is conducive that help our child learn coding/programming. He loves coming here to learn as the facilitators are good in facilitating and teaching them. Children who have interests in programming should enrol at this centre to pick up the skill.

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Sania Talat

We are very impressed with Kidocode, they have very structured learning and many options for packages. Not many coding centres provide with classroom learning. But in Kidocode they not only have good infrastructure for classroom learning but as well as qualified trainers. Very flexible timing too. Overall my daughter is enjoying the learning and us as parents happy with her progress.

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