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We provide internships for university students and fresh graduates not only to develop our own potential team members, but to also be a launchpad and incubator for young job seekers and future entrepreneurs.

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Educators       •   Developers       •   Designers       •   Sales       •   Customer success       •   Marketing       •   Finance       •   Business       •  

Educators       •   Developers       •   Designers       •   Sales       •   Customer success       •   Marketing       •   Finance       •   Business       •  

Internship tracks


You will develop attractive user interfaces by utilizing technologies such as HTML5; used for page structuring, CSS3; used for page beautification, and JavaScript; used for adding user interaction with animation.


The back-end acts as a communication layer between your database and the front end, processing incoming data from the client-side and storing it in the database, and vice versa. In KidoCode, you will utilize several tools and frameworks to create a server for a web application.


See all that wonderful stuff on websites that store information, particularly for registration and login? We can do this by saving the information in a database! MongoDB is one of the most popular (NoSQL) databases taught at KidoCode.

Cloud Services
APIs, Heroku, AWS, GitHub

Do you want to show off your websites to others? But what if the files are already on your computer? Hmm, let's put it in the cloud so that others may see your awesome websites as well! Perhaps we can also utilize APIs to link your front-end, back-end, and deployment systems.

Data Science Basic

In Basic plan you will:

  • Deal with different types of data
  • Learn statistical analysis of data
  • Learn and apply data visualization
  • Learn and apply data analysis
  • Learn and apply different algorithm
Intermediate Data Science

In Intermediate plan you will learn:

  • Machine learning theory
  • Learn Regression
  • Clustering
  • Preprocessing
Advance Data Science

In Advance plan you will learn:

  • Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
  • Data mining
  • Research and projects
Game Basic

In Basic plan you will:

  • Learn basic HTML and CSS
  • Learn Javascript
  • Create Portfolio
  • Learn basic OOP Programming (C#, C++)
  • Learn Game Design
Game Intermediate

In Intermediate plan you will:

  • Learn Lua(Roblox), Unity By following the content
  • Create your own game with Lua and Unity
  • Publish your game on your portfolio, and LinkedIn
Game Advance

In Advance plan you will:

  • Learn PhaserJs, KaboomJs and C++(GameDev) by following the content
  • Create your own game with PhaserJs, KaboomJs and c++
  • Publish your game on your portfolio, and LinkedIn
Pyro EDU
Doing the experiment

You will learn the basic electronic on Modern electronic, Digital electronic, Analog Electronic, Microcontroller, FPGA and CPLD, and Sensor

Making the robot and documentation

You will learn about the world of Robotic and create different projects

Electronic Project

You will improving old students' projects, and also make new electronic projects


Using variety of Arduino boards and sensors, you will build a big variety of electronic projects

Adobe Premier Pro

You will learn about online and offline editing in post-production, color correction, videography technique and lighting, camera and equipment

Adobe Photoshop

You will learn about camera, lenses, lighting, editing and much more. You will have the chance to be part of a professional team providing photography services.

2D graphic
Adobe Illustrator

You are going to learn about 2D graphic, design the objects and characters in vector software like Adobe Illustrator, and you will learn more learn about vector skills design to use it for 2D animation software.

2D Animation
Adobe After Effects

It will be so amazing for you to be that you able to create and design your own characters and bring it to life using 2D animations and learn animation by using Adobe After Effects.


Depends on your qualification , you would participate in some parts of our publication team to publish scientific articles.

Computer science for computational thinking

One of the most successful and modern approaches in education is focusing on "Computational thinking" and one of the best approaches towards computational thinking training is "Computer science". You would get familiar with the principles and challenges in this field.


You would participate in our research team in the field of education to study the current education systems around the world as well as history , philosophy and future of education.


You would get hands-on experience in training a wide variety of children including : Early ages as young as 3 - 4 years old , teenagers, adults and students with particular needs in their education path such as autistic, dyslexic, ADHD and so on and so forth.

Business Basic
Business, Marketing, Finance, and Entrepreneurship
  • Learn the theories of Business and subjects relating to opening a business
  • Strategising and Management Practice
  • Absorb the experience of Professional performance, conduct, and attitudes in a working management environment
  • Theory into Practice Projects
  • Develop and train networking skills.
  • Develop an understanding of theories and management skills to branch them into content
Business Intermediate
Business Proposals, Analyze Financial Statements
  • Elevate Personal work-ready skills and attributes, articulate career goals and interests
  • Utilize work-ready management and industry knowledge in a workplace environment
  • Theory into Practice Projects
  • Develop Presentation Skills and team working skills
  • Experience Workshop Handling
  • Involvement in development projects for the department.
  • Mix and match between different departments to gain experience in various fields
Business Advanced
  • Learn how to start your own business
  • Mix and match between different departments to gain experience in various fields
3D modeling fundamentals

First of all, you will be learning the fundamentals of 3D modeling such as how to converting 2D plans to 3D. We will be focusing more on creating 3D designs using Computer Aided Design (CAD) applications.

Real life Applications

We will learn how to tackle real-life problems and solve them by creating 3d designs. Understanding the material types and the design allows us to create a better design that can last longer and efficiently.

Fabrication & Production

Learning how to translate digital 3D design products into real-like products is important too. We provided different tools such as 3D printers and laser cutters for creating our 3D design into real-life products.

Idea Visualization

Learn how to visualize the products that we create using CAD applications and propose the ideas.

Sales Basic
  • Calling, inviting, and scheduling parents to attend the Free Trial Class coming from leads collected during the event, online registrations, walk in inquiries, and other sources of leads
  • Sharpen your communication skills and clarify your career goals in sales
  • Gain practical knowledge of sales strategies and industry trends
  • Contribute to ongoing sales development projects within the department
  • Rotate between customer success, marketing, and finance to gain a multifaceted understanding of the business
Sales Intermediate
  • Crafting Sales Proposals and Understanding Sales Metrics
  • Enhance negotiation techniques and customer relationship management
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Implement sales theories through real-world projects
  • Develop your presentation and team collaboration skills
  • Workshop and Project Involvement
  • Cross-Departmental Experience
Sales Advance
  • Master the art of closing deals and customer retention
  • Gain hands-on experience with CRM tools and data analytics

A few words from our interns

About the program

Internship Program Overview


2 - 12 months
Developing a strong and sustainable community of passionate knowledge workers is one of the most important pursuits of the Kidocode team.  We provide internships for university students and fresh graduates not only to develop our own potential team members, but to also be a launchpad and incubator for young job seekers and future entrepreneurs. Kidocode internships are highly coveted, so apply early while places are available.
Basic requirements:
  • Good teamwork
  • Passionate about learning
  • Good communication skills
  • Self-learner, independent
  • Fluent in English
  • Coach students’ at KidoCode
  • Help students’ with their tasks
  • Develop students’ problem solving skills
  • Communicate in a professional and friendly way
  • Actively participate in training courses
Perks & benefits:
  • Work in a lively environment
  • Receive high quality training
  • Get first-hand access to job openings
  • Build your personal brand
  • Gain first-hand experience in coaching students
  • Improve your skills in a wide-array of topics such as programming, science, mathematics and media
  • Be affiliated with an EdTech pioneer

Reviews from our interns

" I would definitely come back here for my degree internship."
It was great! I experienced lots of things and make new friends. I have to say that i am glad that i decided to go for my internship there before i pursue my studies because it helps me to be more confident and that i learn new programming language which i never got the chance to learn before during my diploma. I would definitely come back here for my degree internship and would recommend it to my friends so that we can share the same experience and learn new things together.

Lina Insyirah, Computer Science

"An eye opening experience."
I think the internship is pretty good. An eye opening experience.

Irfan Harith, Computer Engineering

"I had the chance to learn and earn money at the same."
I had a really pleasant experience. I had the chance to learn and earn money at the same time and I've gained a lot of skills and knowledge throughout my internship. It has made me learn how to wake up early everyday and it's very useful to have now. I also met a lot of very unique and different people and I get to interact and talk to them! I hope I will get this experience again.

Armand, Student

"I have experienced how to work in team."
It was a great experience working in KidoCode I have learned a lot from my internship specially from Mr. Maysam. I have experienced how to work in team and have chance to teach kids programming.

Firuz Akhmadov, Information Technology

"I learned all my programming skill through KidoCode."
My internship period in KidoCode is amazing. I graduated my diploma in Customer Services. I learned all my programming skill through KidoCode. Now I know how do coding in Python, HTML, CSS, C++ and more. After I finished my internship, I continue to work at KidoCode as a full time trainer. I have developed 2 website and currently I'm developing new content on the mobile application. KidoCode is really a place that provides a UNIQUE internship then the others.

Carol Tsai, Trainer

"I was offered a full time position as a developer."
I joined KidoCode in early 2015 as intern while I was going for my Year 2 University Studies. Upon completion of my Level 2, I continued as a part time Junior developer and trainer mostly focusing on training kids and learning new technologies used at KidoCode, I attended KidoCode every day I didn’t have class and sometimes after classes. After successfully obtaining my Bachelors degree is Software Engineering I was offered a full time position as a developer. And the journey goes on....

Fatima, Software Developer

"In KidoCode I learned a lot of thing relevant to my field based on Arduino and Python."
KidoCode company got a perfect working environment as all are working to reach the company's goal. CEO of the company treating all as same so this leads to a cooperation between employees . As gaining knowledge, In KidoCode I learned a lot of thing relevant to my field based on Arduino and Python. What am really thankful for is that i learned how to code from scratch. I had a good experience there and really appreciate the company's advices for better work and better life. Thank you!

Abdelrahman Ashraf, Intern

"It also helped me improve my soft skills."
The internship was really helpful. As someone who is interested in programming, it really made me grow as a programmer as I learn a new programming language and enhance more on the rest. It also helped me improve my soft skills as I have more confidence in talking with new people and teaching.

Firdaus, Computer Engineering

"KidoCode also taught me to enhance my communication skills."
My internship at KidoCode has taught me more than I could have imagined. My internship has given me a better understanding of my skill set and where my career may take me. Since it is a learning centre, KidoCode has proved me that knowledge is everything in life. Besides learning about coding & mathematics, KidoCode also taught me to enhance my communication skills with everyone there. This has truly been a great learning experience and I'll be forever indebted to those who gave me a hand here.

Shawaltul Najwa, Computer Science

"KidoCode provided me with the opportunity to change the lives of children."
My internship experience at KidoCode has been an amazing journey. I was given a lot of opportunities to learn various new topics and slowly fell in love with them along the way. I had a great time working with the team to teach and inspire hundreds and thousands of children everyday. But the thing I value the most is that KidoCode provided me with the opportunity to change the lives of children and planting the seed of love of learning in them. And for that, I would always be grateful. Thank you KidoCode!

Tabitha, Educator

"Kidocode is a great and unique concept."
I feel like technology is moving in such a fast pace and we need to catch up with it. Kidocode is a great and unique concept where students, interns, part timers, and full timers work really hard to mold the future. It's a great concept where like-minded people are working together and collaborating.

Ahana, Intern

"My internship period at KidoCode was a very enjoyable one."
My internship period at KidoCode was a very enjoyable one. Where I experience what its like to have one foot in the working world, preparing me for whats to come in other working environment.

Arif Iskandar, Trainer

"People are very nice and cooperative there."
My experience in KidoCode was amazing. People are very nice and cooperative there. More importantly I was learning many new things daily. My supervisor was a great person who taught me a lot especially in electronics.

Omer Hassen, Intern

"This internship help me to be more confident."
My internship with KidoCode is a great experience for me.This internship help me to be more confident, more professional and more patient. In this 3 months, I learned how to join together with kids with different cultures, different backgrounds and different personalities, how to guide them and motivate them when they facing problem in their coding challenges. Of course, I have learned a lot of valuable knowledges in programming, mathematics, marketing and so on, which is useful for my future career.




Is it a paid internship program?
We have both, paid and unpaid internship. There are some checkpoints that you need to pass during the internship interview session to be entitled for the paid internship.
I am not a student, can I apply?
Yes, you can. As far as passing the basic requirements and you are permitted to work in Malaysia. Fresh graduates, freelancers, passionate youth for learning new technologies are so welcome.
How long is the internship duration?
Minimum 2 months and there is no limit based on your performance and schedule. Between 6-9 months is what we suggest for best outcome.
Should I know programming already?
Not necessarily. If you have good knowledge in math, good communication skills and have passion for learning, would help you to be qualified.
Is having the computer programming knowledge necessary?
If you have good knowledge in math, good communication in English and have the passion for learning, you still have the chance and we would help you to be qualified.
I already have strong programming background!
Excellent! Apply for our advanced internship based on the skill you want to explore more such as data science, web or electronics.
How many hours per week?
We are open 10AM-6PM, 7 days a week. Interns have to fulfil 40 hours per week. 4x10 and 5x8 are popular models for internship.
What is the dress code?
Never trust a programmer in a suit! 😎 Kidocode T-shirt will be provided within a week. Neat and tidy casual dress is accepted.
What am I going to learn?
Mainly computational thinking. Technically, programming in different languages and different levels, math, science, and digital media.
What are the minimum requirements?
Good knowledge in mathematics (e.g. Pythagoras theorem), good communication skills with fluent English and being passionate about learning.
Is this internship program only for IT students?
No! Science students such as bioinformatics, actual science, and other fields such as accounting, multimedia, architecture, education, MBA, and others are also welcome.
What is the job scope?
Actively inspiring and coaching students following Kidocode's syllabus and actively participate in training courses.
Can I join as a full-time member after internship?
Depends on your performance and teamwork. We have plenty of job opportunities as trainers, developers, content developers, promoters, marketers, animators and more.
Are you only located in Solaris Mont Kiara?
Yes, for the time being Kidocode is only in Solaris Mont Kiara and we are opening new branches next year and would definitely have more job opportunities for interested individuals.
Is there any chance to become a professional developer?
After passing our internship program with full efforts, you can join as a Junior software developer in our development team.
Is Kidocode a learning center?
No, We are developing a new platform to provide fun learning path over STEM and computer science for kids and teens.
Is it good for entrepreneurs?
Very much. If you are thinking of building your personal company or brand in IT related fields, Kidocode does not only provide the trainings but also incubates and invests in your projects if nominated.