Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the trial class?
Children ages 5-18 years old. Must be able to read and write in English.
Do i have to pay to join the trial class?
No, the trial class is free.
When can I schedule a trial class?
Trial classes are being conducted everyday (except Tuesday), including Public Holidays. Fill up our trial class form and we will contact you to arrange your schedule.
How long is the duration for the trial class?
It's usually not more than 90 minutes. But it may take up to 2 hours if we encounter more questions from the parent during the session.
Why do parents have to attend? And why both parents?
Kidocode is a prestigious school of tech and business with a comprehensive curriculum structure. The courses are for long-term learning. We will present a thorough curriculum, packages, showing your children's work and sharing our assessment throughout the trial session. It's crucial for the parents as part of their decision-making process and both parents need to be informed about the details.
What should my child bring to the trial class?
If you're joining online from home, each student must have a laptop or computer with functioning audio and camera. Tablet or iPad are not advisable. Google Chrome and Zoom app are required to be installed. The parents also need separate devices (it can be a tablet or phone) to discuss with the sales team. For the trial session in the centre, just bring your own drink and snack!
Is my child too young or too old?
Our interactive online learning platform is suitable for children ages 5-18 where the learning is adaptive and personalized to each student's needs. It is never too young nor too old for them to start learning coding!
My child has done coding before. Are these classes necessary?
Great! Then it will be a good jumpstart for them to explore a deeper understanding of coding. All the students will have a personalised learning based to their own level and pacing.
My child has difficulty speaking in English. Can he or she still join the trial class?
No worries at all! While our language of communication is in English, we have multinational and local trainers to help the kids to communicate better and understand the tasks.
Are learning materials provided?
Yes! We provide all the learning material.
How much is the course?
We have several packages you can choose from based on the kind of activity you are looking for, and your child's assessment. We will discuss it with you during the trial class. Pricing is between RM31 to RM71 per hour, depending on the package you choose.
Where is your location?
Our Kuala Lumpur centre is in Solaris Mont Kiara, located at Block L, Level 5, Unit 01. It is near Mercato, and the entrance is by the roundabout. You will see a huge KIDOCODE bunting and there we are!
How long should my child spend in front of a computer screen? Is that safe?
We recommend no longer than 40 minutes of continuous screen time without a break. This claim is backed by many credible sources and recognized experts on child development and health. Contact us to find out more.
How good are your trainers?
Fantastic. But don't take our word for it. Seeing is believing. So come over here for our Trial Class and see for yourself.
I have three kids, can I get some kind of financial support?
Yes, we have special offers for parents who want to register more than one kid at KidoCode. Come to our Trial Class to find out more.
What is meant by a personalized and adaptive education system?
Personalized education system provides a unique learning path and curriculum for each and every student that is based on their interests and goals. An adaptive learning system provides the ability to learn about the student, adjust the difficulty, and modulate various parameters as the students progress through the curriculum. Both of these features are an important parts of the new age of education which allows people to have a diverse education based on their own interests and capabilities.
Will my child get any certification upon completion of your course?
Yes. We provide certification to all students that complete our courses.
I know coding is important, but I think my kid won't be interested.
As much as we'd love to think coding is an extracurricular activity, it really isn't. Computational thinking skills are becoming a basic requirement in every major education system around the world. Your child needs to learn coding to have any kind of impact in the digital economy that is still outpacing the industrial economy by far and large. Try learning with KidoCode, and trust that we will do our level best to find a way to make it interesting for each and every child.
Can I complete the trial class online?
Yes, we run online trial classes. Moreover, our online classroom has real-time access to trainers via Zoom channel 365 days, including public holidays. Each Zoom groups contains up to 10 trainers actively monitoring and guiding students and no room exceeds more than 10 students. Students face a challenge and need trainer intervention, will be transferred to a breakout room for 1 to 1 training with one of the trainer. Self-regulated students prefer self-learning, has access to live chat to communicate with trainers, send screenshots, and video/audio messages. Engaging students in room to collaborate and conduct team project, plus QnA, and group discussion to keep up social engagement.
What makes the Kidocode franchise unique?
Kidocode stands out with its innovative AI-powered learning platform, Cubie, which offers personalized, adaptive learning experiences. Our proven business model focuses on low operational costs, high margins, and impactful educational outcomes.
What kind of support will I receive as a franchisee?
Our franchisees receive comprehensive support including training in our educational methodologies and technology, marketing assistance, operational guidance, and ongoing support to ensure the success of your franchise.
What Is the initial investment required to start a franchise?
The initial investment varies based on location and size. It includes franchise fees, technology setup costs, and initial working capital. Please contact us for a detailed breakdown tailored to your situation.
Do I need to have a background in education to own a franchise?
While a background in education is advantageous, it's not a requirement. We look for partners who are passionate about making a difference in education and are committed to business excellence.
How does Kidocode ensure high-quality education in its franchises?
Quality is maintained through our rigorous training programs for educators, continuous curriculum updates, and our advanced AI platform that personalizes learning and ensures consistent educational standards.
What are the expected profit margins for a Kidocode franchise?
Profit margins can vary but are generally favorable due to our efficient operational model and innovative technology. Specific figures will be discussed in detail during your franchising process.
How long does the process take from application to opening?
The timeline can vary based on various factors, including your readiness and location. Typically, the process can take anywhere from a few months to a year.
Will I receive assistance in finding a location and setting up my franchise?
Yes, we offer location scouting assistance and guidance on setting up your franchise to meet our standards and ensure a successful launch.
Is there a continuing royalty fee?
Yes, there is a royalty fee which is a percentage of your gross sales. This fee contributes to the ongoing support, training, and resources provided by Kidocode.
What do students learn at Kidocode?
Who are the founders and investors of Kidocode?
⁠Where is Kidocode's headquarters?
Do I need to hire many trainers?