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Our trial class is for both parents and students to get a taste of Kidocode and fully understand our curriculum and program fees.

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Schedule-free       •   No expiry       •   Online access       •   Live sessions       •   Free practice       •   Flexible timing       •  

Schedule-free       •   No expiry       •   Online access       •   Live sessions       •   Free practice       •   Flexible timing       •           

Timeline for


Duration: 2 hours

Note: Student and parent sessions will be happening concurrently.
5 minutes
You'll be welcomed and briefed on the various trial class activities by our team.
Curriculum Presentation
30 minutes
Let's take a closer look into Kidocode's vision and mission, detailed curriculum structure, and our teaching methods.
Packages Presentation
20 minutes
We'll cover the topic of how you can join our community and recommend the most suitable program to enrol your child in, based on a variety of metrics.
Student Presentation
10 minutes
You'll get a chance to see all the amazing things your child has accomplished during the trial class. We'll follow that up by sharing our assessment of your child's learning preferences.
Q&A Discussion
30-45 minutes
We'll be taking all your questions to put your mind at ease. And if you do decide to enroll your child in one of our programs, various offers await you.
Note: The best value offers are provided to those that decide on enrollment immediately following the trial class. For those who need additional time to consider, other special offers are provided for enrollment within the same month.

Timeline for


Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

5 minutes
You will be welcomed and briefed on the various trial class activities by our team.
Student Class
40 – 60 minutes
You’ll choose to explore some activities that interest you. These activities include coding in Python, creating a mobile game, building a website or working with electronics.
Feedback Session
10 minutes
You'll be given more information on the courses available at Kidocode, share your feedback with us, and continue with your activities if you're keen to learn more.
Student presentation
10 minutes
Finally, you'll show off all the amazing work you've done to your parents and share your thoughts on continuing your learning journey at Kidocode.

Trial class activities

Get productive

Here are the activities your children can choose to explore during the trial class.

Activity #1

Code in Python language

Learn about loops
Utilize math in coding
Create generative art

Activity #2

Create a mobile application

Create a simple mobile app
Learn about user interfaces
Event-driven programming

Activity #3

Work with Electronics

Learn Arduino
Create an LED light-dance
Program an electronic board

Activity #4

Build your own website

Learn basic HTML & CSS
Learn basic JS
Learn to host your website

Hear from our community

"The trainers are friendly and helpful."
A great place for my kid. She really love the modules and started this class when she was 7yo. The trainers are friendly and helpful and the approach is different then the conventional Malaysian way of learning.

Mohd Faizal Mohd Farid

"Technical aspect, the management, staff, and of course the trainers, AWESOME."
Technical aspect, the management, staff, and of course the trainers, AWESOME. Very kind, patient, and attentive. Experience wise, my son enjoy coding so much. Not easy to catch up for classes especially during the pandemic but the trainers are very good and extremely patient at guiding in each and every class.

Nur Taufiqah Idris

"Kidocode is great for my kids to pick up coding."
Kidocode is great for my kids to pick up coding. They are exposed to the program logic and flow. Creating their own mobile game is a great way for them to learn and appreciate mechanics how the mobile app being develop. Highly recommended.

Fairuz Hashim

"Kidocode acts as a gateway for kids to discover computer programming from an early age."
Kidocode acts as a gateway for kids to discover computer programming and various other STEM related courses from an early age. The online platform encourages kids to study independently while a team of dedicated trainers are always on-hand to give further guidance. Advanced courses and guidance for self-start projects are also provided which helps to instill great qualities within the students.

Alia Adreena

"Shaurya is learning very fast and already developed a website for MBA NGO."
I'm quite happy with the teachers and support staff. Shaurya is learning very fast and already developed a website for MBA NGO as school project and made quite a few games for his school mates. I am thankful to kidocode for supporting him.

Manisha Sri

"My son able to follow the instruction even with zero knowledge on IT and coding."
Surprised to see my son able to follow the instruction even with zero knowledge on IT and coding. Really appreciate the opportunity given to my son to be exposed to the coding program.

Mohd Faizal

"All their staff are very professional, warm and friendly."
Pleasant experience from inquiry through to signing up. All their staff are very professional, warm and friendly when dealing with us and they are very prompt with follow up. Always willing to help whenever we need their assistance.

Choulyee Tan

"One of the best program I've signed up for my boy."
One of the best program I've signed up for my boy. They program is well designed & they have a very good support system that enables my young boy to learn & enjoy coding!

Kevin Khoo

"Great place for learning coding from young!"
Great place for learning coding from young! Flexible learning hour, 10am to 10pm every day including public holidays so I can drop my son when I can squeeze some time - no pre-booking, no fixed schedule! My son loves the KidoMath with his favorite teacher here.

Jane Lai

"The learning approach allows flexibility."
Professional and interactive. The learning approach allows flexibility and yet commitment from students to complete the structured module.

Belinda Soh

"No college has such a professional and systematic course as Kidocode."
I have asked a lot of coding courses, and basically no college has such a professional and systematic course as Kidocode~ I am very satisfied with the course, Trainer and professional attitude. I am grateful that we can also take classes if we live in JB.. Because Kidocode systemizes courses and can be online If you study and have questions, the trainer will deal with them immediately. Very professional and convenient. The children are also very happy to learn.

Bernessa Ding

"My son loves the programme so much!"
The package is very appealing and the support team is excellent from the start. The programme is well-structured, very established, and there are plenty of resources available in various platforms. My son loves the programme so much!

Intan Nur Fatiha Shafie

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Trial Class


Who can join the trial class?
Children ages 5-18 years old. Must be able to read and write in English.
Do i have to pay to join the trial class?
No, the trial class is free.
When can i schedule a trial class?
Trial classes are being conducted on Tuesday to Sunday (except Monday), including Public Holidays. Fill up our trial class form and we will contact you to arrange your schedule.
Should we come to the center for the trial class or it can be done online?
Trial class can be done in center or online. Due to COVID, The trials in center are provided with SOP.
How long is the duration for the trial class?
It's usually not more than 90 minutes. But it may take up to 2 hours if we encounter more questions from the parent during the session.
Why do parents have to attend? And why both parents?
Kidocode is a prestigious school of tech and business with a comprehensive curriculum structure. The courses are for long-term learning. We will present a thorough curriculum, packages, showing your children's work and sharing our assessment throughout the trial session. It's crucial for the parents as part of their decision-making process and both parents need to be informed about the details.
What should my child bring to the trial class?
If you're joining online from home, each student must have a laptop or computer with functioning audio and camera. Tablet or iPad are not advisable. Google Chrome and Zoom app are required to be installed. The parents also need separate devices (it can be a tablet or phone) to discuss with the sales team. For the trial session in the centre, just bring your own drink and snack!
Where is your location?
Our Kuala Lumpur centre is in Solaris Mont Kiara, located at Block L, Level 5, Unit 01. It is near Mercato, and the entrance is by the roundabout. You will see a huge KIDOCODE bunting and there we are!
How is the booking process?
First, you register for the trial session and share your contact detail. Our team will call you to share information about the trial session and booking the slot. You can attend the trial session after booking confirmation.
What is booking confirmation?
Parents will receive confirmation message and reminder messages few days and one day before the trial session for re-confirmation. For schedule changes, please contact our team.
Can I complete the trial class online?
Yes, we run online trial classes. Moreover, our online classroom has real-time access to trainers via Zoom channel 365 days, including public holidays. Each Zoom groups contains up to 10 trainers actively monitoring and guiding students and no room exceeds more than 10 students. Students face a challenge and need trainer intervention, will be transferred to a breakout room for 1 to 1 training with one of the trainer. Self-regulated students prefer self-learning, has access to live chat to communicate with trainers, send screenshots, and video/audio messages. Engaging students in room to collaborate and conduct team project, plus QnA, and group discussion to keep up social engagement.

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