Back-End Development

This course is a great introduction to the concepts of server-side web development. You will learn the different parts that make up the back-end of a website or web application, and gain familiarity with the Node.js runtime environment. After this course, you will be set up to explore popular Node frameworks like Express.js to build powerful applications.

Education team

Hossein, or Unclecode as he prefers, is a Computer Science expert specializing in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and AI.

Course Creator

Arash is experienced in leading the entire development process of Kidocode's new products, projects and programs.

Course Moderator

Firdaus is mainly involved in the Web Development department but also does projects using Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

Course Trainer

Ahmed is an energetic and passionate instructor and trainer, specializing in basic and advanced web development.

Course Trainer

Back-End Development course for kids

What will you learn?

The Different Parts of the Back-End
In this module, you will learn about the different parts that make up the back-end of a website or web application.
How Node.js Works
This module introduces you to Node.js, a popular runtime environment for server-side web development.
Introduction to Express.js
Express.js is a powerful framework for building Node applications, and in this module you will learn the basics of using it.
Building a simple CRUD Application with Express
This module walks you through building a simple CRUD application with Express, so that you can see how it all works together.
Deploying your Node Application to the web.
Finally, this module covers how to deploy your Node application to the web so that others can access it.

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