Optimise Your Business for the Web

In this course, you'll familiarize yourself with the concepts of search engine optimization (SEO) that'll help you to optimize search traffic for your website or web application.

Education team

Hossein, or Unclecode as he prefers, is a Computer Science expert specializing in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and AI.

Course Creator

Maysam is an expert in the field of Molecular Biology specializing in drug discovery for cancer and bioinformatics.

Course Moderator

Leila trains early-age students, 3D art classes, and handles welcome classes. She also creates educational art content for students.

Course Trainer

Optimise Your Business for the Web course for kids

What will you learn?

Introduction to SEO
In this module, you'll be introduced to the basics of search engine optimization, including what it is and how it can benefit your business.
The Benefits of SEO
This module will explore the various benefits that come with optimizing your business for the web, including increased traffic and visibility.
On-Page SEO Factors
In this module, you'll learn about all of the on-page factors that can affect your website's ranking in search engines.
Off-Page SEO Factors
This module will teach you about the importance of off-page factors in search engine optimization, such as link building and social media engagement.
Advanced Strategies for Optimizing Your Business for the Web
In this module, you'll discover some advanced strategies for further optimizing your website or web application for better search engine results.

Our students



How often are the classes offered?
The classes are offered on a daily basis and there is no set schedule, so students can work at their own pace.
How many hours are there in the course?
The course is 50 hours long.
What is the final project for this course?
The final project for this course is to create a successful online marketing campaign that will generate traffic to your website or web application.
How will this course benefit my child?
This course will benefit your child by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to optimize their website or web application for search engines. Through this course, your child will learn how to generate traffic to their website or web application through effective SEO techniques. In addition, this course comes with a final project that will help your child further hone their skills in online marketing and website optimization.