Build an 8-bit Computer

In this course, you'll learn to build an actual 8-bit CPU that's capable of managing simple mathematical processes like addition and subtraction. You'll also get a chance to create your own low-level language to program your CPU.

Education team

Hossein, or Unclecode as he prefers, is a Computer Science expert specializing in Natural Language Processing, Data Science, and AI.

Course Creator

Arash is experienced in leading the entire development process of Kidocode's new products, projects and programs.

Course Moderator

Irfan is a student trainer focusing on Python, basic electronics, and mobile app development using MIT App Inventor.

Course Trainer

Build an 8-bit Computer course for kids

What will you learn?

Introduction to Building an 8-bit Computer
In this module, you'll be introduced to the basics of building an 8-bit CPU.
Adding and Subtracting with your 8-bit Computer
This module will teach you how to add and subtract using your 8-bit CPU.
Creating a Low-Level Language for your 8-bit Computer
In this module, you'll learn how to create a low-level language for your 8-bit CPU.
Programming your 8-bit Computer to play Games
This module will show you how to program your 8-bit CPU to play games.
Advanced Topics in 8-bit Computing
The final module covers advanced topics in 8-bit computing.

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