Principle of Electronics

In the 21st century, electronics is one of the most booming industries. It has given birth to amazing inventions like robots, drones and smart homes. All these have been made possible due to the relentless development of the electronics industry.

The principle of electronics is based on the flow of electrons through a conductor. This flow can be either direct or alternating. Direct current flows in one direction only, whereas alternating current reverses its direction periodically. The electronic components like diodes, transistors and integrated circuits are used to control this flow of electrons.

Robots are now being extensively used in various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture and even domestic purposes. They have proved to be very efficient and effective in carrying out tasks that are repetitive and hazardous for humans. For instance, they are being increasingly deployed in factories for assembly line jobs. In healthcare, they are being used for surgeries as they provide greater accuracy than human surgeons.

Drones are another wonderful invention of electronics which have found a wide range of applications ranging from photography to warfare. They are basically Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which are controlled remotely by pilots sitting on the ground. These pilots use First Person View (FPV) goggles which give them a bird’s eye view from the drone’s camera while flying it. Drones can also be equipped with sensors and other devices which make them capable of performing various functions like mapping terrain, delivering goods etc.

Smart homes is another area where electronics has made tremendous advancement in recent times. Nowadays, we can control various appliances in our homes using our smartphones or voice-activated virtual assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home . We can turn on/off lights, fans , AC etc., simply by issuing commands to these devices . We can also set timers or schedules for operating these appliances automatically . Moreover , we can monitor our homes when we are away through security cameras connected to our smartphones . All these features provide us with a great deal of convenience and comfort.