MIT App Inventor

MIT App Inventor uses game design to engage kids who might otherwise not be interested in something very complex. This is why Kidocode incorporates the App Inventor in the syllabus as a starting point for kids, making the learning fun for them and engaging their interest in mobile app development and coding.

When children are playing games, they are actively engaged and using their problem-solving skills. By channeling this energy into learning how to code using App Inventor, we can grab their attention and teach them something new that they will enjoy. And because coding is a skill that is increasingly in demand, learning how to code can open up a world of opportunity for children.

Mobile app development is one of the most popular areas of IT right now. It offers a huge potential market for developers and businesses alike, so it’s no wonder that parents are keen to get their children involved. However, many worry that it may be too difficult or specialised an area for young people to get into without some prior experience or guidance.

This is where MIT App Inventor comes in – it’s designed specifically for beginners with no prior coding experience necessary. Using a graphical interface, users can drag-and-drop visual components (such as buttons and labels) to create simple apps without needing to write any lines of code. It’s an excellent introduction to coding for kids and makes mobile app development much more accessible than other methods which can seem like daunting black boxes filled with rows of green text (even for adults!).

Once kids have grasped the basics with App Inventor, they can move onto more traditional text-based languages like Java if they wish to pursue mobile app development further. However, even if they don’t want to continue down this path, the skills they learn with App Inventor will stand them in good stead later on – critical thinking, creativity, resilience and trial-and-error are integral parts of programming which will benefit them regardless of what field they end up going into as adults