Micro bit

The micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that was designed to help every child unlock their creativity with technology. This miniature device opens up possibilities and can help us achieve near-miraculous things. Several exciting micro:bit projects have been brought to life, from acceleration measurement in rocket cars to helping people with autism recognize other people's emotional states. The potential of the micro:bit is endless, making it a perfect tool for teaching children about IT.

Parents who are interested in introducing their children to the world of IT will find that the micro:bit is the perfect starting point. This device is simple to use and offers a variety of applications that can be tailored to each child's individual interests and skill level. The micro:bit also comes equipped with a number of pre-programmed features that make it easy for children to get started right away. With its wide range of abilities and small price tag, the micro:bit is an unbeatable choice for parents looking to give their child a head start in the world of IT.