Hypertext Markup Language, more commonly known as HTML, is the standard markup programming language for creating web pages and web applications. First established in 1990, HTML is used to structure content on a web page using a system of tags. Amazingly enough, most websites you visit on the internet are built using HTML!

If you're a parent interested in IT for your children, then learning HTML may be a great idea. It's simple to learn and can be used to create some really cool things for the internet. Here are just a few reasons why learning HTML might be beneficial for your child:

1) It's easy to learn - As mentioned before,HTML is quite simple to learn compared to other programming languages. If your child is interested in IT and has basic computer knowledge, they should be able to pick up HTML quite easily. There are plenty of free resources available online that can help them get started.

2) Create their own website - Once your child has learned the basics ofHTML, they can put their skills to use by creating their very own website! This could be anything from a personal blog to an online portfolio showcasing their work. They'll also be able to share their site with friends and family all over the world.

3) Get ahead in school - In this day and age, having even basic coding knowledge can give students an edge in school when it comes to assignments and projects involving computers. By learning HTML, your child will have a better understanding of how computer systems work which will inevitably benefit them academically.
4) Enhance creativity - Learning HTML gives children the opportunity to express themselves creatively through design and layout choices when building a website or web application .They'll also have fun exploring all the different possibilities that come with coding!
5) Boost problem-solving skills - When earning any new programming language , one important skill that gets developed is problem-solving . Coding often requires finding solutions to messy problems , so by learning how tackle these obstacles , kids can become better critical thinkers overall .

Overall , there are many reasons why parents should consider teaching their childrenHTML . Not only is it easy for them to learn but it can open up so many new doors both educationally and professionally down the road . So what are you waiting for ? Start looking into some resources today !