How to Teach App Development for Kids

App development for kids may not be the most obvious choice of fun activities to keep your young ones occupied, but it might just be their ticket to an exciting and productive pastime. 

For this reason, extra-curricular courses like app development for kids have become a surprisingly popular after-school activity, and it’s easy to see why.

With their ever-growing curiosity and ability to operate technology at such a young age, kids these days have the perfect building blocks for a future in app-building not just as career options, but as a fun and exciting hobby. 

And with the right guidance and support, these young minds can harness that enthusiasm and channel it into productive, creative pursuits.

Best Approach to Teaching App Development for Kids

However, like other after-school activities or hobbies, kids need some guidance and support to help them get started. 

With that in mind, here are some tips and advice for parents who want to encourage their children’s interests in app development whether it’s for the web or for mobile:

  1. Start Early: You can tell pretty early on that a child is interested in technology and it's important to act on that information by getting him started. You can't just buy him an iPad and hope that he learns how to use it. Neither can you ignore his curiosity and hope he'll eventually lose interest.

  2. Start with a Small Idea: The best way to simplify mobile app development for a child is to start with something small, simple, and most importantly, something that they're actually interested in. If your kid is interested in video games, encourage them to come up with a game concept that they wished they could play but isn’t available in stores. This should keep them creative in the ideation and motivated in the app creation itself.

  3. Support Your Child: Encourage and support your child’s interest in app development by making time for them to pursue it whether it's by giving them more screen time if they're learning through YouTube, or driving them to the app development classes. This will help them stay motivated to do well and perhaps create the next big app.

  4. Get Involved: There’s nothing that could encourage your child to pursue their goals with grit and determination than your involvement as parents. Your kids are eager and excited to get feedback, whether it’s praise or constructive comments from you. At these tender ages, you’re the centre of their universes, and they look up to you for guidance and inspiration. Your support and encouragement will go a long way in helping them develop their passion into something successful in the future, be it in app development or in other fields.

  5. Be Patient: App development is a complex process that requires time, effort, and patience, especially because bugs and glitches often occur when you least expect them. It’s important to be patient and don't expect an output until they're well and ready to show it.

  6. Encourage Creativity: App development is a creative process, so it's important to ensure that your child feels comfortable expressing their ideas and opinions on their apps, much like how a painter uses his canvas.

  7. Break it down: When setting goals, break them down into manageable chunks so your kids don’t get too overwhelmed by the tedious process. Doing this will help them develop grit and determination.

  8. Provide Constructive Feedback: Encourage your child to listen to their inner critic, but also make sure they know how to handle feedback from others. You can give them constructive feedback about their work in a way that helps them improve and not feel like you are criticising them as a person.

  9. Celebrate Small Wins: Whether it's debugging their first bug or publishing their first app, make sure your child knows how proud you are of them. Acknowledging the small steps they take toward achieving their goals will help them stay motivated when they feel like giving up.

Why is App Development for Kids a Good Idea?

While it's true that kids who know how to code and develop apps have more chances of becoming the next Steve Wozniacks and Mark Zuckerberg of the world, that doesn't mean that teaching them to build an app is only for advancing their careers.

There are many reasons why teaching your kids to code is a good idea, but we'll focus on one of the most important ones: it's an excellent way to introduce them to technology in a safe and fun environment.

These days, technology hasn't been in the best light. It's often associated with privacy infringement, data breaches, and addiction.

Exposing your kids to app development early is a healthy way to show them that technology can be used responsibly and for fun and positive applications as well. 

It helps them learn how computers work and how they can use that knowledge in their own ways, such as integrating web security. It also helps them develop a core set of skills that will be useful throughout their lives, whether they decide to pursue a career in technology or not.

Parting Thoughts

App development is a rewarding and, more importantly, engaging way for kids to experience exciting new technologies. 

But, it’s not without its dangers, so it’s important that you and your kids work together to create a healthy environment. One where learning how to develop apps can be a healthy and safe hobby, rather than something that instils in kids an unhealthy obsession or dependence on gadgets or electronics.

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