5 Important Criteria When Picking Coding Classes For Kids

As we live in a world where technology is ubiquitous, coding has been made one of the essential skills to learn in the 21st century. Having your kid join a coding class at a young age helps them understand an aspect of the world they live in and become better prepared for future advances in technology. It can also open doors to plenty of opportunities the job market can offer, thus, it is recommended that kids learn to code at an early age. 

Although it may be too early to know whether your child would like to pursue a career in computer science or software engineering, it is beneficial to have this skill under their belt. 

Let’s discuss the five key factors to look into when picking coding classes for kids

Flexible Schedule 

Full-time working parents may find it difficult to send their kids to extra-curricular classes even if they desire to do so due to their packed schedules. It is important to find classes that are being offered on days and times when parents would usually be free. 

At KidoCode, we understand the inconvenience. We are open from 10 am to 6 pm every day of the year, even on public holidays. You can bring your child down to our campus whenever you are available to do so or join us online as well! 

Not only do we prioritise your needs, but children can also be at ease with our flexible timings. Students are given the time and flexibility to complete our curriculum within their means. 

If your child feels the need to take it slow on some days, they can do so. All that matters is that they will have a fulfilling learning journey with our support and teaching. 

Parent Involvement 

Parents need to be involved in their child’s learning as it helps extend teaching outside of the classroom and creates a more positive experience. Parents should also know what their child is learning and if what they have paid for is worth it. When looking for extra-curricular classes, try to pick one that allows you to be a part of their learning. 

Our trial class at KidoCode involves a parent session where you can take a closer look at our mission, detailed curriculum structure, and teaching methods. Based on your child’s abilities that we assess during the class, we will recommend the best starting point for them. And as you enrol your kid at KidoCode, we offer a free parental account to allow you to be involved in your child’s coding journey. 


Learning does not stop at home and programming is no different than math when it comes to practice. With repeated practice, your child is bound to remember all of the skills that they have learned in school and apply them to real-life situations. When picking a coding class for kids, choose one that provides home access to their programs and curriculum such as an online portal.

Learning Environment and Community 

You have probably felt zero motivation to study just because of the environment you were in back in school. 

The same applies to your child! 

A positive environment is an indispensable part of learning. Students should be placed in a classroom where they can be engaged and motivated to learn. Being in school is more than just gaining knowledge. Children absorb whatever is around them and learn best when they feel comfortable. 

As you are on the hunt for a coding class for your kid, pick a school that has an environment that fits your child’s needs. Like our campus at KidoCode, each workspace is designed to stimulate creativity and encourage social interaction amongst our students and teachers. Having a community and a suitable working environment is a huge factor! 

Learn more about the importance of a positive learning environment here!


Knowing the professional that you will leave your child to during their coding lesson is important. 

You would want to know if the teacher is qualified to teach and if they can provide their expertise in the subject you would like your child to learn. Even if you are satisfied with the fees and learning environment, the teachers may not be suitable for your child. Remember to take a look at the teachers’ professional background and get reviews from other parents if possible! 

Coding classes for kids at KidoCode 

It can be daunting to find the best coding class for your child knowing that you would have to keep all of these factors in mind. 

Skip the hassle and look into the programs that KidoCode has to offer. 

We cannot guarantee that it would be the best fit for your child as everyone is different but we have a trial class for you and your child so you can give it a try first. 

Contact us if you are interested in joining our 6000+ community of students today.