5 Best Blockchain Books for Kids

With the rise of NFTs and decentralised applications, it’s clear that blockchain will be a part of the economy for the foreseeable future. And as we develop more uses for this emerging tech, proficiency in blockchain will surely become a desirable skill.

So, if you’re a parent looking to future-proof your child’s education, there’s no better place to start than in blockchain tech. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways he or she can learn about blockchain today. From YouTube videos to educational apps, there are plenty of ways to introduce your child to the basics.

If you're not sure where to start, here are some of the best books to introduce your kids to blockchain right now:

A Place in the Blockchain

As one of the first children's books to ever talk about blockchain, Brett Biery's A Place in the Blockchain is included in almost every book recommendation for anyone interested in blockchain. It's a wonderful picture book for children that tells the story of Blocky - a fictional block looking for its place in the world of blockchain.

This engaging and playful story covers emotions and challenges that children can relate to as they try to fit in with their friends and peers. What makes this book special is that it introduces blockchain concepts in a seamless and fun way as you read the story. With children growing up in a world where blockchain solutions are becoming more and more prevalent, this book is an excellent way to introduce young readers to the world of blockchain as it relates to them on an emotional level.

In a way, it's similar to Shel Silverstein's classic, The Giving Tree, as it presents complex ideas in an emotional yet easy-to-understand narrative that's sure to capture a child's imagination.

Blockchain for Babies

The idea of introducing complex concepts like blockchain to babies is pretty ludicrous. However, there is value in Blockchain for Babies as a gag gift for adults or as an introductory book for toddlers whose cognitive skills are a little more established.

And while Blockchain for Babies may not always hit the mark in conveying the complexity of the topic, I think it's important to acknowledge the effort that goes into making these concepts accessible to young children.

Ultimately, Blockchain for Babies may not be the most effective way to teach young children about blockchain. Still, it’s certainly an interesting and ambitious concept that could be valuable in the right context.

B is for Bitcoin by Graeme Moore

B is for Bitcoin is a delightful children's book that introduces young readers to the world of cryptocurrency in a fun and colourful way. The book takes readers through the alphabet, with each letter associated with a term or concept related to Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

The book will surely capture young children’s attention with its colourful and playful illustrations. It's also an excellent resource for parents and educators who want to start a conversation with children about money, technology, and the future of finance.

Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps

Some concepts can be difficult to explain, and unfortunately, blockchain is one concept that can be even more difficult to grasp. Blockchain Basics: A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 Steps is a short and sweet guide that will help you understand the basics of blockchain technology. 

The book is expertly written, concisely conveying complex ideas in an easily digestible way for readers. And best of all, it doesn't even have the complex math that so often accompanies blockchain books. The book is easy to read and understand, even for people who have never encountered the topic before.

Teens, even those without much interest in math and cryptography, will surely appreciate how the book focuses on the practical aspects of blockchain technology. It delves deep into how blockchain affects the real world without losing sight of the human element.

Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Money

In Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Money, Michael Caras has done an excellent job of making complex concepts accessible to young readers with playful characters and colourful illustrations by Jacob Gibson that are sure to capture their attention. The book also includes helpful explanations of key terms and concepts related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Since it's a storybook, it demonstrates rather than explains complex concepts like cryptography and distributed ledgers making it easier to understand for young readers.

This book is also a great resource for teachers and parents who want to understand the basics of blockchain but don't have the time or the patience to learn through textbooks and formal lectures.

Overall, Bitcoin Money: A Tale of Bitville Discovering Money is a great beginner's guide to the practical applications of blockchain and cryptocurrency for kids and parents.

Parting Thoughts

As blockchain slowly becomes more accepted in the mainstream economy, it’s important that we teach our children about this emerging technology. These books are an excellent place to start the conversation; and in a lot of cases, these books may also be the perfect vehicle to teach adults about these complex concepts as well.

And if you want your kids to have a deeper understanding of blockchain, then you can check out our Blockchain and FinTech Specialist Learning Path. We offer free trial classes and have an extensive selection of courses that can get your kids started on blockchain.